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Rainbows of an Infinite Storm

9 May
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Hello there!
Welcome to my journal!

My name is Rie, a Filipina fangirl from Batangas, Philippines. I was born on May 9,1992 in Chiba, Japan. 100% Filipino(50% Batangueno, 50% Ilocano) by blood, but Japanese by heart, mind and soul. ^_^

My journal title, Mugen no Arashi no Niji (無限の嵐の虹)or Rainbows of an Infinite Storm, was derived from being a fangirl of 嵐 and 関ジャニ∞. Storm represents 嵐 (嵐 literally means storm), infinite represents 関ジャニ∞ (because of the infinity symbol ∞)and rainbows signify both of them, not only because of their image colors, but they also made my world crazy andcolorful.

Figuratively, "Rainbows of an Infinite Storm" means that whenever we feel that the storm is unending, don't worry because the rainbows do always come after.


How did I become an Arashist?

It started when Gokusen was aired in 2005(I just recently realized that it's not 2006, but 2005)on Philippine TV. Sawada Shin caught my eyes. This Matsumoto Jun, the actor who played Sawada Shin, made me fall for him during the time Hana Yori Dango was aired on Philippine TV.By that time, I already knew that Matsumoto Jun is an Arashi member, but I was not yet interested with other members. It was in 2009 when I started to know them more(and it's because of Hana Yori Dango theme songs WISH and Love So Sweet...I just don't know why I only got hooked in 2009,well, maybe because I didn't have internet access, so no chance of meeting them immediately...)Hearing 5x10 made me an ARASHIAN...eee...ARASHIST.

And how did I become an Eighter?

Being an Arashian(now called Arashist, as coined by MatsuJun.^o^)was a way of becoming an Eighter. An episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare, wherein 関ジャニ∞ guested in, made me wonder who these guys are(I only knew Nishikido Ryo[because of 1 Liter of Tears], and Yokoyama Yu[because I already watched o Goshitsu no Kyaku~Akogare no Otoko]prior that episode). I even thought at first that they are idiots and thought that,"Are these what you call idols? WeeH?!They look more like a group of comedians rather than group of idols!" But the humor they have made me fall for them. Watching all of them play musical instruments made me fall for them even more. The closeness they have with one another, and the closeness they have with Arashi made me an EIGHTER.

My niban idol group is NEWS...Actually, the 4nin NEWS...
EDIT(as of 9/29/2013) I'm officially one of 4nin NEWS' Chankapaana...^_^

Even before I knew Arashi, I already knew them, as 6 members.
And it was thru their Taiyou no Namida performance in Music Station way back 2008.
I remembered that Animax Asia once aired Music Station, with subtitles, and when I watched an episode, I wastched NEWS performing Taiyou no Namida. I just still didn't know the members though. What I know was that they sang Taiyou no Namida.
I admit, I didn't have any reaction when Ryo and YamaPi left NEWS, because I was not yet a fan of NEWS. But I became a casual fan when 4 members remained.
I considered 4nin NEWS as my niban idol group because I admit, I'm only a casual fan of them.
(Although Shige-kun caught my eyes and heart...YATTA!!!)
And I'm not that a big fan of YamaPi, and I considered Ryo-kun as one of the members of dorky Kanjani8, one of my ichiban group(another one is Arashi).


嵐: 松本潤
 photo jun_zps8a48db76.jpg

関ジャニ∞: 大倉忠義
 photo takaw.jpg

NEWS:  加藤シゲアキ(加藤成亮)
 photo shigeangel_zps61962111.jpg

Toma-kun is my ichiban JE actor!(Because he didn't debut as an artist...Oh nande, Manong Johnny, nande?!?) ^o^


But I'm absolutely a JE fangirl.
I really love ALL JE aidoru!

Nice meeting you, everyone!