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Konnichiwa! RIE desu, from the beautiful province of Batangas, located at southwestern part of Luzon, one of the three main island groups of the Philippines.

Currently in Mandaluyong City for my shigoto...

I was born EXACTLY 11 years after Kanjani8's Yokoyama Yu/Kimitaka was born, in Arashi's Aiba Masaki's birthplace.

100% Filipino by blood, but Japanese by heart, mind and soul.^-^

ARASHIAN/ARASHIST since September 2009. EIGHTER since August 2012.

Also a normal/regular fan of Ikuta Toma...
And as of September 15, 2013, NEWS (present, 4-member NEWS...This also includes Tegomass) is one of my ichiban idol groups.

A Johnny's and Associates fangirl. Hello Kitty lover. Jdorama and Jmovie fanatic. Definitely Jpop culture addict.

My journal is where I post my experiences of being a fangirl, my fanfictions and everything related to fangirling. ^_^ I initially opened my LJ account in order for me to join communities, but having an LJ account gave me an opportunity to express and unleash my being fangirl.

I'm happy being a fangirl, but I will be happier if I will have friends who are also fangirls like me!

So feel free to add me, and I'd like to know you more, so you can leave comments here! Add me as friend, and I'll add you back!

Arigatou! Ookini!

*I love these 12 dorks so much!*
*Plus the 4 ikemen!(*w*)*

*How did I became an ARASHIST, EIGHTER and NEWS' Chankapaana? click リエmaynine on 4th tab on upper left corner of my page!*

EDIT(as of 12.13.12): I just made a Tumblr account dedicated to ArashixEito! I just love their interaction!
You may follow and submit posts to arashieitointeractions.tumblr.com!
EDIT(as of 10.26.14): Just changed the header... Gomen for the not-so-attractive header... Really bad at combining colors on lettering! ^o^


Oct. 22nd, 2012 02:25 pm (UTC)
Hello there, Jan!
Of course, we can be friends!
I'm happy that you're into Arashi too...
Well, I'm also into Eito,but I'm just a newbie fan.^o^
I love the 7 dorks from Kansai as much as I love the 5 dorks from Kantou.
Gonna add you up as friend! ^-^
Nice meeting you also!



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